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Merry fucking recession

Lord, peeps, Frozen Tootsies is tired this morning. She is learning that whoring is a recession proof industry, although some clients seem to think she should work for less money now, or even take things in trade.

Uh huh. We don’t think so. You think Frozen Tootsies goes out whoring because she likes your ugly faces and hairy butts? Or would like to own a barely used bunch of video games that you probably stole from your ten year old nephew?

Have a clue: this is about money, honey.

Now Frozen Tootsies is back in her little treetop home, she’s going to make a pot of decaf and settle in front of the HDTV to snicker at all the whiners and moaners on the TV news, sniveling about their flights being cancelled by fuckin’ blizzards, and bitching that the airlines are just too damned incompetent to get them to grandma’s house right on schedule.

Look, idiots: it’s like all tragic that your own personal Christmas holiday plans have been fucked with. Shut your fat mouths and listen to the news, or if possible READ the news. There are blizzards all over the US of A. Cars and trucks and Greyhound buses are unable to drive around in a lot of cities.

And what is so utterly fucking special about YOU that an airline should try to defy laws of gravity and parameters of safety to get YOU to your bargain eighty-five dollar a night five day holiday escape to Mexico so you can sunburn your flabby thighs and come home with an overweight suitcase full of trashy souvenirs? All of which will add to what you owe on your almost-to-the-limit credit card?