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Excellent decorating ideas


 Mist 1 has the right idea for her bedroom paint.  Solves the curtain problem too.

See?  Watching HGTV does too make you smart.


Wednesday confessional


Frozen Tootsies can’t stand Jerry Lewis. Never could. Even as a kid. Never laughed at his frenetic performances, only cringed. Adore cable TV because it gives us something to watch instead of his Labor Day barf-a-thon.

Now he’s put his ugly foot in his fucktard mouth. Said a bad word on camera. Is in big trouble.

Sure, this shows how an unforgiving world can cast somebody into permanent disgrace over a single bad word instantly retracted. Which some say is a bad thing.

But this is Jerry Lewis. It’s a good thing in this case. He’s an annoying turd. Who shoulda retired long ago.

Monday confessional


Step in.  Close the door, dammit.  Now listen up ‘cos I’m only sayin it once here.  Settled in now?  OK here goes.

I like Animal Planet on cable.  But I couldn’t stand Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter.  Not for five minutes.  Not even with that cute butt in those Outback shortz.  Not even with the Ozzie accent. 

Too much testosterone, too few brains.

Like, OK, I’m all sorry the guy died.   But I assume they wrote on his headstone:  What the Fuck Was I Thinking?