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World domination


Rats.  The cat’s out of the bag about the plan for squirrel world domination.  It’s here for just anybody to see. 

Huh.  Bigoted bastard.  Is there a government official to whom Frozen Tootsies may complain about this?



Was that a high-heeled shoe on that foot in her mouth?


‘Cause I bet there were some bitchin’ hot high heels kickin’ on a certain female barrister’s rear.  HT to the Zipster for this one.  Can’t top her “jaw dropping duncery” title, either.

From England, a May 17 news story that left me speechless.  Me, speechless?  Yeah, it happens.  As follows:

A barrister provoked outrage yesterday by claiming that the victim of an alleged gang rape was so fat she would have been ‘glad of the attention’.

Sheilagh Davies, defending one of three boys accused of raping two girls, said the 16-year-old girl had ‘slimmed down a lot’ since the alleged attack.

She told Inner London Crown Court: ‘She was 12st 6lb – not quite the swan she may turn into. She may well have been glad of the attention.

Also, thanks to the Zipster for the information that 12 stone, 6 pounds = 180 pounds.

This was said by a barrister, in the United Kingdom, in open court, in the 21st Century.  A woman barrister.   God.