Monthly Archives: December 2007

Some peeps should not have litters


Look, Frozen Tootsies says she’s a rabid squirrel ho.  Not some upstanding fur-free citizen with high-minded thoughts on some kind of public purity crusade.  OK?

F.T. hears about things sometimes that make even a rabid squirrel ho cry. 

What’s wrong with humans?  Some of them have litters and then kill their own, or let others kill them.  Like this.  And this.  And this.

Frozen Tootsies is pissed.  She has fantasies of finding some of those fuckers and then biting them.  In their genitals.  And happily watching them die in agony. 

Some peeps say squirrels are vermin in fur coats.  Some peeps are vermin without the fur.