World domination


Rats.  The cat’s out of the bag about the plan for squirrel world domination.  It’s here for just anybody to see. 

Huh.  Bigoted bastard.  Is there a government official to whom Frozen Tootsies may complain about this?



7 responses to “World domination

  1. Ah ha ha ha. That made my day. But why does he think squirrels are evil? I’ve been chased by a squirrel in the park before. So I know they can be a little scary, but black-hearted?

  2. I wonder if there is any salvation available for having read about the plan here? Guess we will have to ask when Frozen Tootsies is the leader of the free world.

  3. Don’t worry, being the leader of the free world is too much work. Wouldn’t leave enough time for Frozen Tootsies’ personal care regimen.

    Frozen Tootsies plans to put hand-picked stooges in all public positions. Application information will be posted later. Good-looking pool boys are encouraged to check back later for more information.

  4. Therapist, thanks for commenting. That comment about “black-hearted” was just too much.

    Frozen Tootsies had to go lie down to rest after throwing a hissyfit about it.

  5. How about a slightly overweight jail attendant? I have a feeling there will be a large demand for jails under the Squirrel Regime. Then again maybe not.

  6. Frozentootsies, is the fact that squirrels only eat half an apple then throw it away related to the world domination plan? Or does it provide insight into squirrels’ allegedly black hearts?

    P.S. I was NOT the one throwing apples at the squirrels.

  7. Great video, zipster! Don’t know about the half apple. We just do what Mother Nature designed us to do.

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